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Why settle for an inferior insurance policy which costs more and may well be woefully deficient in the event of a claim, when a tailor-made solution from Hepburns Insurance is as close as your phone?

Many landlords unwittingly insure their tenanted properties under a standard Residential Policy which may well exclude claims resulting from the tenants activities or worse provide no cover at all in the event of a claim.

Hepburns Insurance specialises in providing comprehensive Buildings and Contents Insurance and have designed a Policy tailor-made for tenanted properties. The bespoke policy includes a raft of extra features designed specifically for Landlords with one or more buildings that are tenanted:-

  • The Policy covers malicious damage by tenants (often excluded on a Residential Policy).
  • The Policy provides an important loss of rent cover (often restricted under a Residential Policy).
  • The Policy provides Contingency cover for tenants’ non-disclosure (not covered under a Residential Policy).

Leasehold Landlords we strongly recommend that you review your insurance position

  • If you are relying on the freeholder of the building to insure your property and liability then this is unlikely to give you adequate protection
  • If you have simply maintained an existing policy on your property you may also find that there is inadequate protection, even if you have notified the Insurers that the property has been tenanted
  • It is unlikely that you will have full liability protection for the actions of your tenant unless you have arranged a bespoke insurance protection for your liability arising from tenants actions
  • The freeholder’s insurance may not cover any improvements you have carried out inside your leasehold property

It is not always good practice to rely on other peoples insurance to protect your own personal property and liability, and you may have a vicarious liability for the actions of your tenant, especially when the tenant is sharing a building with other apartment users.

Hepburns Insurance Services Ltd have negotiated a specific Landlord Leasehold Policy that provides insurance protection in respect of the above risks. The premium starts from £85.00 per annum which will provide cover up to £10,000 of your own contents and/or improvements within the property. The policy also includes contingent liability up to £2m which will cover you should you have to defend yourself against Third Party claims in respect of ownership and occupation of your leasehold property. This also extends to cover your vicarious liability arising from the negligent actions of your tenant.

It is our strong recommendation that you give serious consideration to this matter and do not rely on others to protect your assets and liabilities.

Please note that this is only a brief Summary and for full terms and conditions please refer to the Policy Document which is available on request and will always be issued on inception of all new Policies.

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